About Taj MaTruck

Melbourne based Taj MaTruck is an Indian and Asian style food truck and mobile event catering business located in South East Melbourne. Taj MaTruck was started by 2 business partners with a vision to help and support an Indian based charity combating the battle against human trafficking of young girls and children.

In 2012, Rose and Sophie visited the village of Gorak near Belgaum India. The real life stories of girls left brutally scarred and traumatised and young children dumped like garbage has left an indelible impression on our lives. There was a sense of urgency to help this organisation in everything they are doing. We offered financial assistance, however it was nowhere near what is needed to even keep in this battle. We spoke to friends and associates and tried to raise awareness and direct people to help Indian Rescue Mission. With so many worthwhile organisations here in Australia and overseas, it can seem impossible to help everyone at once. Our heart is for Indian Rescue Mission and we want you to take this journey with us to help this worthy organisation.

Taj MaTruck will be the vehicle which will financially help support Indian Rescue Mission. We have committed 30% of our profits to IRM and opportunity prevailing even more as we expand our Food Truck business. Help Us, Help Them.

Making  a Difference.

To be a genuine operator to the mobile food industry, by cooking and serving authentic, fresh meals.  By striving to provide the best food, we are also seeking the best for all those we want to help. We wish to use the opportunity we have to shed light on what is happening beyond our borders and by raising awareness through our truck, we want to be counted as making a difference.


According to the definition of United Nations – “trafficking is any activity leading to recruitment, transportation, harbouring or receipt of persons, by means of threat or use of force or a position of vulnerability”  

  • Every 8 minutes a child is missing
  • States of Tamil Nadu, Andra Pradesh Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Karnataka are considered as high supply zones
  • Out of the estimated 2.3 million girls and women sex workers', 500,000 are children
  • Sadly only 1-2% are rescued. One in two missing kids is lost forever
  • Approximately 40,000 tribal women mainly from the States of Adisha and Bihar are forced into sexual exploitation
  • Boys are mostly brick factories or beg through organised begging syndicates
  • Dalit girls from Telangana state and girls from the bordering districts of Maharashtra and Karnataka are still being dedicated as Joginis, Devadasis (http://www.liverpoolmuseums.org.uk/ism/exhibitions/broken-lives/jogini.aspx)
  • 90% of sex workers daughters join the profession while majority of girls are forced to enter the sex trade between the ages of 12 and 15